Knauf MP75 plaster 25kg

Knauf MP75 plaster 25kg


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Knauf MP75 Engis Machine plaster bag 25kg
General product information
Knauf Machine Plaster MP75 Engis bag 25 kg, All stone-like walls and ceilings indoors are suitable for applying the plaster, including kitchens and bathrooms in homes. The plaster is also ideally suited for plaster supports such as plasterboards or Stucanet. The MP 75 has the finest fillers, compared to the MP 75 NL or the MP 75 SL.
Technical specifications
Knauf MP75 Engis Machine plaster bag 25kg
Brand Knauf
Classification plaster mortar
Finish Slippery
Machinable Yes
min. thickness (mm) 10mm
Processing time 30 m
max. thickness (mm) 30mm
Shelf life 8 months
Curing time (hours) 200 m
Greenworks Yes