Knauf Fill and Finish Light Ready Mixed Compound – 20Kg

Knauf Fill and Finish Light Ready Mixed Compound – 20Kg



High-quality plastic-bonded, lightweight, paste-like filler material that contains a combination of fine-grained calcium carbonate fillers and adjusting agents tailored to its application. Ready-to-use, no mixing and maturation times. Smooth consistency for easy processing, very easy to sand. Quality levels Q3 – Q4.

  • Ready-to-use
  • Productive
  • Supple
  • Extendable to zero
  • Can be processed in one or more layers
  • Solvent-free
  • Hardens during the drying process
  • Smudge-proof
  • Vapour diffusing (permeable)
  • Can be processed by hand and machine


Fill&Finish Light is a ready-to-use filler and fine filler for indoor use with increased yield due to its lightweight formulation. For manual and mechanical processing on standard building substrates (e.g. plasterboard/gypsum fibreboard, plaster, concrete/aerated concrete, flat stone masonry).

  • Field of application: indoor
  • Field of application: ceiling, wall


Substrate: The substrate must be load-bearing, dry, firm and clean. Concrete surfaces must meet the requirements of ÖNORM B 3346, and the shrinkage process must have largely subsided. Pre-treat substrates with too high absorbency (e.g. aerated concrete) with e.g. Knauf deep primer. In order to avoid deformations caused by greater moisture penetration, pre-treat gypsum boards with e.g. Knauf Deep Primer in the case of full-surface filling in layer thicknesses > 1 mm. Fill deep holes, defects and joints with a suitable plaster-based filler (e.g. Knauf yellow tape or Knauf green tape).

Mixing: Stir with a motor whisk before processing. Dilution by adding water is possible.

Processing: Convey Fill&Finish Light with suitable screw conveyors (e.g. PFT Ritmo Powercoat, PFT Swing) or suitable airless devices (e.g. PFT Samba) and spray on over the entire surface. For smaller areas, Fill&Finish Light can also be applied with funnel guns or by hand. Spread as evenly as possible within about 15 minutes using Swiss trowel, hand trowel or pedestal. Then, in a second step, spray on another thin layer and smooth it out. If the quality requirements are high, spray on a third thin layer and smooth it out.

The previous layer must be completely dried before the next layer is applied (drying time approx. 12 hours). After the last layer has dried, remove any remaining unevenness (e.g. filler burrs) by sanding (e.g. with Knauf hand or handle grinder).

Note: The indicated processing and drying times are indicative values that may vary depending on the construction site conditions (layer thickness, absorbency of the substrate, temperature, humidity, …). Before applying the next layer of filler or clothing, the previous layer of filler must be completely dry and dust-free. Can be reworked with commercially available emulsion paints. Only use methylcellulose-based glue and test the glue for suitability in advance. Dilution by adding water is possible. Diluted fillers must be applied promptly. Clean appliances/tools with water immediately after use. If the material freezes during transport, it can be thawed again at room temperature. The processing temperature of 10°C must be observed in any case!


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Weight 20 kg