Knauf Knauf K600 25 kg reinforcing mortar

Knauf Knauf K600 25 kg reinforcing mortar



Knauf K600 Reinforcement Mortar is a high-quality mortar that has particularly good adhesion to all load-bearing building materials. It is suitable for anchoring exterior plaster façades and external thermal insulation composite systems. Its special composition ensures high crack resistance as well as resistance to moisture.


  • flexible
  • with high adhesion
  • vapor permeable
  • efficient
  • frost-resistant
  • waterproof
  • economical to use
  • for manual and machine application


Knauf K 600 is used for mounting thermal insulation boards made of white and graphite polystyrene and XPS thermal insulation boards. K 600 is also used to create a reinforcing layer on white or graphite polystyrene in insulation systems with glass fiber mesh.