Knauf SM 700 25kg

Knauf SM 700 25kg


  • Unique technology – cement matrix reinforced with the addition of polypropylene fibers
  • Prevents cracks in plasters, resistant to impacts and unfavorable weather conditions
  • For gluing mineral wool and polystyrene
  • For creating a reinforcing layer in insulation systems
  • Excellent working parameters – easy mixing, plasticity, adhesion to reinforcing mesh
  • Smooth surface – an ideal base for priming and plastering



  • flexible,
  • high grip,
  • vapor permeable,
  • efficient,
  • frost-resistant,
  • waterproof,
  • resistant to mechanical damage,
  • contains polypropylene fibers.


High-quality, cement-based mortar, quality-controlled, frost and water resistant. Recommended for mounting thermal insulation boards made of mineral wool with a disturbed fiber arrangement and perpendicular to the mounting surface (commonly called lamella wool). For applying a putty layer reinforced with glass fiber mesh on polystyrene and mineral wool boards.

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Weight 25 kg