Knauf ADDI S 25kg Bucket

Knauf ADDI S 25kg Bucket


Silicone resin reinforced glass plaster


Ready-to-use, paste-like, organically bonded and silicone-resin-reinforced pane plaster for intense colour tones. Very durable, water-repellent and permeable to water vapour.

In wet and cold weather, it can be added with the TS Mix film accelerator to achieve faster stability.

  • Pasty top coat according to EN 15824
  • Ready-to-use
  • High weather resistance
  • Low pollution
  • Highly permeable to diffusion
  • Water repellent
  • Retardant and preventive against algae and fungi
  • For outdoor use
  • Colour white (approx. RAL 9010)
  • Tintable according to colour fan Knauf ColorConcept


Before processing, the colour must be checked for correctness. In the case of dyed Addi on contiguous plaster surfaces, only process materials with the same batch number (in the case of repeat orders, indicate the commission number of the previous delivery) or mix materials of different batch numbers together. Stir Addi thoroughly with an electric stirrer. Adjust the processing consistency slightly with water, if necessary.

Raise Addi with a stainless steel trough over the entire surface in grain thickness. Immediately after application, wipe Addi S (windshield plaster structure) evenly and without interruption with a hard plastic trough. The type of tool used affects the roughness of the surface, so always work with the same structural discs. Addi can be painted with Autol or Fassadol if necessary. Addi can be sprayed with common fine plastering machines.



Safety Data Sheet (.pdf)

Technical Data Sheet


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Weight 25 kg