Rockwool Rockton 5cm 7.32m2 slab
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Rockwool Rockton 5cm 7.32m2 slab


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Rockton slab 5 cm 7.32 m2


It is a reliable and durable insulation solution for attics, partition walls, floors, as well as skeleton walls with a panel facade. ROCKTON is a product that can be used in many areas of the house – you will gain optimal acoustic conditions, increase fire protection and provide your household with a previously unknown level of comfort. An additional advantage of this solution is savings on heating costs. ROCKTON provides excellent thermal insulation, so you will pay much less for heating. Application: three-layer walls, walls with panel façades (e.g. sheet metal, siding, boards), walls with frame structures and curtain walls, partition walls, wooden ceilings and floors on joists, utility attics Advantages: Easy and quick installation & dash dimensions of the board are adapted to typical partition wall systems.