Knauf UP310 Kalk Cement Mortel 25kg

Knauf UP310 Kalk Cement Mortel 25kg


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Knauf UP 310 25kg Reinforcing basecoat render  
Knauf UP310 is a fine aggregate cement reinforcing basecoat render, suitable for all situations where high impact resistance is required, such as plinths and basement areas. Knauf UP310 should be applied onto medium weight blockwork greater than 6N in density. Knauf UP310 can also be used onto previously primed substrates such as lightweight block and brickwork.
Cement basecoat for normal and high density substrates. As a cellar wall plaster and plinth render in exteriors as well as a basecoat in areas of high humidity.
Composition Cement, graded limestone or quartz grains, water-retaining additives.

Store the bags on wooden pallets in a dry environment. Can be stored for approx. 9 months.
In compliance with DIN EN 998-1, the product is subject to initial type testing and continuous factory production control and is marked with the CE marking.
Plinth basecoat for mineral and ready-to-use finishing coats in interior and exterior applications.
As exterior plaster for cellar walls.
As a basecoat
on masonry of compressive strength category > 8
on concrete
for tiles in areas of high humidity, bathrooms and kitchens.
Properties and added value:
General-purpose rendering/plastering mortar GP acc. to DIN EN 998-1
Compressive strength category CS IV acc. to DIN EN 998-1
Mortar group P III acc. to DIN V 18550
Suitable for interior and exterior application
For machine or hand applicatio