Knauf UP210 Cement Mortel 25kg

Knauf UP210 Cement Mortel 25kg


Reinforcing basecoat render

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Knauf UP 210 25kg Lime-cement basecoat  
Knauf UP210 is a lime cement reinforcing basecoat render, for use onto mediumweight blockwork greater than 7N in density. Knauf UP210 can also be used onto previously primed substrates such as lightweight block and brickwork.
Product description
Lime-cement base coat for medium-weight masonry such as lime sandstone, light concrete and
brick masonry for interior and exterior use.
Hydrated lime, cement, graded limestone or quartz grains, water-retaining and water-repellent additives.

Store the bags on wooden pallets in a dry environment. Can be stored for approx. 9 months.

In compliance with DIN EN 998-1, the product is subject to initial type testing and continuous factory production control and is marked with the CE marking.
Basecoat for mineral and ready-to-use finishing coats in interior and exterior applications.
As a basecoat
■ on medium-weight masonry with a density > 800 kg/m³,
■ for tiles in wet rooms, bathrooms and kitchens,
■ for scratch render.
As a sponge-finished basecoat
■ for interior application,
■ for the exterior with additional coating system.
General-purpose rendering/plastering mortar GP acc. to DIN EN 998-1
Compressive strength category CS II acc. to DIN EN 998-1
Mortar group P II acc. to DIN V 18550
Suitable for interior and exterior application
For machine or hand application
1 mm grains for sponged surface finishes
Machine application: For machine application using mixing pumps, e.g. PFT G4, set the desired consistency by adding water.
Hand application: Mix the content of one bag with about 5.6 litres of clean water without further additions until an application-ready lump-free consistency is achieved. When mixing, use clean water and do not add other additives. Clean the machines and tools with water immediately after use.
Apply UP 210 on a pre-prepared substrate with a plaster thickness of at least 10 mm (interior applications) or at least 15 mm (exteriors), strike off level and scrape. Remove fins and protrusions with a lattice plane after initial setting. Undertake scratch tests with the lattice plane. Before working area further, allow to dry and harden at a rate of at least 1 day / mm
With normally absorbent substrates, such as e.g. brick, pumice, expanded clay or aerated concrete masonry, UP 210 can be sponged with a single layer. On large area concrete surfaces to be plastered, large format lime sandstones etc., where a primer is necessary in accordance with the above table, apply and sponge another 2-3 mm of UP 210 on the following day.
With Mak3 as a top coat apply at least 10 mm UP 210, strike off level and subsequently roughen with a coarse brush.
Render thickness
Single-layer or double-layer: 10-35 mm.
Single-layer 10-20 mm: Drying time min. 1 day /mm.
Single-layer > 20-35 mm: Drying time min. 1 day/ mm and a further week per cm of additional render thickness exceeding 20 mm. After fully dry and set, apply full surface mesh reinforcement (reinforcing mesh 4×4 or 5×5 mm) with SM700
Pro, SM300 or Lustro.
Two-layers > 20-35 mm: Apply the first layer and and roughen with a brush. Allow the first layer to dry for at least 1 day /mm. When fully dry and set, embed basecoat mesh (8×8 mm) on the full area just below the surface in the second layer.
Or after fully dry and set, apply full surface mesh reinforcement (reinforcing mesh 4×4 or 5×5 mm) with SM700 Pro, SM300 or Lustro.