Knauf Standard Plasterboard 12.5mm 260×60 cm

Knauf Standard Plasterboard 12.5mm 260×60 cm


12.5mm Plasterboard – Wallboard Knauf

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Knauf Standard Plasterboard 12.5mm 260x60 cm

Knauf offers a wide range of sizes of standard plasterboard to meet all basic drylining requirements. Use in conjunction with Knauf jointing compounds, plasters, fixings, plasterboard adhesive and metal systems.

Knauf Wallboard is plasterboard with an ivory paper face ideally suited to receive a Knauf Airless Spray plaster finish or for direct decoration (Knauf Wallboard Primer is required prior to direct decoration with a painted finish).

Storage and Handling
Product must be stored flat, and be protected from
inclement weather.

Appropriate personal protective clothing and equipment etc. should be used when handling all Knauf boards.

Manual handling guidelines should be adhered to at all times.

This board is unsuitable for areas that are continuously damp, humid or above 50C.

Performance Data
In compliance with BS EN 520, the product is subject to
initial type testing and continuous factory production control and bears the CE mark.

Technical Data

Product Features

Ivory Face
Brown Reverse
White Core
Board details on reverse
Square or Tapered Edge

Application / Installation
Use in accordance with BS 8000 British Standard

Workmanship on building sites − Part 8: Code of practice
for plasterboard partitions and dry linings.
Knauf Wallboard Primer is recommended when finishing
the board directly with paint.

Health & Safety
May irritate eyes or sensitive skin.

Dust may irritate respiratory system.
Protective gloves, glasses and face mask are recommended.
Avoid inhaling dust when cutting / handling product.

Ventilate area and move person to fresh air.
Avoid ingestion − wash mouth out immediately and drink plenty of water.
Should any symptoms persist or allergic reaction occur, seek medical advise.