ATLAS Gipsar Uni plaster 5kg

ATLAS Gipsar Uni plaster 5kg


  • reinforced with polymers
  • optimum hardness
  • perfect spreadability
  • well coated with paints
  • snow-white colour


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ATLAS - White finishing coat 5kg Gipsar Uni

Mark Atlas
Type Finishing coat
Package Bag
Type Gipsar Uni
Dominant color White
Layer thickness 2 mm
Adhesion to the ground 0.50 MPa


For application of gypsum finishing coats upon walls and ceilings.
Filling of small gaps in walls and ceilings – can be used for surface repairs before gypsum top finish application.
Types of substrates – concrete, aerated concrete, cement-, cement-lime- and gypsum plasters.
Types of finishing coats – paint coats and wallpapers.

Main properties


    • Double bond – two parallel processes – resin netting and gypsum crystalline net formation – reinforce uniformly whole top finish coat, improve its strength parameters and improve bonding to substrates.


    • Reinforced with polymers – addition of up-to-date polymers (redispersible powder resins) allows to apply top finish characterised by high bonding to substrates and strong, tight internal structure.


    • Enables more effective coating with paint – owing to enhancement with polymer additives, forms perfect substrate for modern paints.


    • Forms uniform, strong and smooth surface for painting and wallpapering.


    • Resistant to cracking resulting from contraction during setting.


    • High water retention – keeps appropriate amount of water in the mass, which is necessary for proper coat setting.


  • Snow-white top finish – enables effective coating with paints and reduces their consumption.



Declaration of Performance -> pl_10838_20220408_091001

Safety Data Sheet -> pl_11047_20220607_143552