ATLAS – Gipsar go! top finish 18kg

ATLAS – Gipsar go! top finish 18kg


  • quick and easy application
  • perfect surface – no bubbles or craters
  • color change – allows you to control the progress of work
  • for any type of paint
  • work comfort – easy grinding
  • clean processing – reduced dusting

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ATLAS - SMS 30 rapid-set, self-levelling screed 25kg

  • on the walls
  • inwards
  • thickness 1-3 mm
  • application with a smooth steel trowel
  • roller application
  • spray application



  • Applying plaster – on the surface of walls and ceilings, inside buildings.
  • Full-surface filling of plasterboards.

Main properties

  • GIPSAR GO! It is produced as a ready mass based on resin binders, mineral fillers and modifying additives.
  • Easy application – specially selected consistency allows for easy application with a trowel, roller or aggregate.
  • The possibility of applying the “wet on wet” method – the next layer can be applied over the pre-bonded previous layer, which significantly reduces the time of work.
  • Comfortable, long processing time – finish coat designed to guarantee the comfort of the contractor’s work; smoothing the mass applied to the surface can be done without haste, and the joints of the working fields will remain invisible.
  • Perfect surface, without blisters and craters – specially selected mineral fillers with optimal graining will allow to obtain a very smooth surface, without corrections – the first smoothing of the applied layer with a feather gives a perfect final effect.
  • Limited dusting – optimal hardness allows for manual and mechanical grinding; sanding dust does not spread all over the room and does not spread beyond the place of processing.
  • Easy to paint with any type of paint – satin surface and high resistance to softening make the plaster work well with paint coatings, it can be painted with acrylic, latex and ceramic paints.
  • The color change of the finish coat while it dries allows you to control the work progress.

Main parameters

  • Max. layer thickness 3 mm
  • Drying time (1 mm thick layer) up to 6 hours

Wear: Finishing coat: from 1.0 kg / m² of plaster with a single application.

Packaging: 18 kg plastic containers.